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Asset Management

The team at Connect Property Management have extensive knowledge and experience in the day to day management of large investment portfolios including mixed use investments involving residential, office and retail applications.

The Directors draw on their own experiences as landlords and investors to fully maximise the potential and if need be, the exit of a variety of situations that have presented themselves since the downturn in 2007/8.

Connect currently manage numerous assets for the Banking and Insolvency industries and work with many High Street banks and the top insolvency Firms in Scotland/UK.

Connect can offer a wide variety of services and have specialisms in:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Exit strategies through asset control and exit, using our letting management team in conjunction with our sales function allowing both residential and commercial premises to be managed through a full spectrum of situations from inception to final sale.
  • Commercial letting and agency
  • Direct contacts with leading surveyors and legal teams to provide best service and advice to our clients.
  • Multi-lingual capabilities using our team of consultants to ensure complete communication and support in a diverse cultural and multi-language population


Disposal Managemet Sales

Disposal/Letting and Sales

Our objective during the disposal process is maximise value, realise capital, or to minimise liability, in the shortest period of time, and in the most cost-effective manner:

We advise on the appropriate method of sale.

Asset Management

The main impetus for underpinning and improving value is effective asset management. We have a history of exceeding our clients’ expectations by working with them to understand their objectives first and then delivering solutions.

In House Estate Agency & Letting Agency

Marketing will be correctly focused on the property/product, the disposal method and the current market conditions. We can focus on appropriate websites; e-mail campaigns; brochures; direct mail campaign; advertising; agents’ promotions; letting boards/banners and telephone canvassing.

Identification of a prospective purchaser or occupier will lead us to negotiation. Our obligation is to agree highest price or rent. We look carefully at the financial credentials of a prospective tenant, including appropriate measures to safeguard against the possibility of a tenant not meeting their obligations (rent deposit, a parent company guarantee or a bank guarantee).

We work closely with your solicitors when documenting the lease, making sure that the outcome of negotiations is properly reflected in the final documentation.

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